What To Do If Your Child Chooses to Do Wrong While Knowing What’s Right?

While you may be able to teach your kid about what is wrong and what is right, convincing them to pick what’s right is yet another challenge that you might face. Sometimes, the kids know that it’s not right to damage the property, but they do it out of anger or frustration. However, it would never be the right thing to start punishing them for what they did. Instead, trying to connect with them and helping them to right the wrong they did is the best way to tackle with the issue.

While you may be able to suppress your kids at that particular time of bad behavior by warning them about consequence, it would never be helpful in the long run. Remember, your goal should be about developing the character of your child that would make him choose the right thing.

When the child doesn’t respond to what you say

If you are seeing your child to be unresponsive to your words, he/she may not be listening due to any reasons. The younger beings sometimes get absorbed into something and they do not have any idea what is going on around them. Furthermore, it gets extremely difficult for a child to leave an activity that seems interesting to him. Calling the child to quit at the peak of that activity is surely not going to work.

If you really want your child to quit that activity, you can’t just give orders in the louder tone. Instead, it would be better to come close to the child, touch him to draw his/her attention and then appreciate the activity. This practice of getting closer is to connect with the child. When you see that you are connected, you give a call to quit, and he would be pretty happy to obey.

When the child is being violent

The violence among children is common but it’s not something that you can ignore. You need to do something about it. When your child hits another child, it means that he is actually doing this out of fear. There could be many reasons for this fear that drives them to get aggressive. For instance, it could be the scary images that are shown in the TV show they like to watch, or it can be the fear of clash with the other children. Maybe he is being bullied by his school mates.

Whatever the reason, you need to stop it, and it is certainly not the punishment that you need to consider. Yes, this aggression in child can be irritating, and punishing him may seem like an immediate solution, but this solution is just a suppression that doesn’t make the bad emotions go away. It only makes them worse.

When child is in the middle of the tantrum

Tantrums are common not only among the children but also among the adults. While we can jump straight on to the reasoning while dealing with the adults, children cannot be convinced this way. Again, punishing will never solve this problem for you because it is not going to heal the wrong what’s inside your child. Instead, calming down the child and establishing proper connection with him/her is imperative.

Bad behavior is common among the children. The only way you can heal this factor is to connect and avoid punishments as much as you can.



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